InterDigital User-Adaptive Video: “Most Jaw-dropping” Demo at EBU

April 12, 2013 / Posted By: vandewille

Nicolas Weil, digital media architect and influential blogger, recently took note of InterDigital’s demonstration of User-Adaptive Video at the European Broadcasting Union BroadThinking 2013 event in Geneva in early April. Leading off his review of the various demos of note at the show, he characterized InterDigital’s demo as the “most-jaw-dropping” demo of the show. “A very impressive demo now needing commercial outputs,” he concludes in his entry, which can be read here.

User-Adaptive Video is InterDigital’s technology that uses the frontal camera of a device to establish user distance, number of viewers, and other conditions like ambient light to modulate a video stream’s quality based on the limits of human perception. Using UAV technology, reductions of bandwidth of up to 70-80% can be achieved with no perceived loss of quality of the part of the user. The technology is part of our overall effort to develop new technologies that adapt video streaming – a huge proportion of future network traffic – to the particularities of wireless connectivity. Successfully demonstrated at Mobile World Congress, you can read more about the technology here.