Ship IoT with Kinoma Create and

July 24, 2015 / Posted By: wotio team has made it much easier to Ship IoT projects with Ship IoT, currently in beta, to make it easy to prototype smaller IoT projects with maker boards and starter kits. Ship IoT is deployment of one of our data services,, which is a web API automation system that makes it easy to connect to open APIs for dozens of services and automate data workflows.

As an example of the types of projects we think users might be interested in, we put together a simple project using the Kinoma Create--which packs an 800 MHz ARM v5t processor--as the device. Using the HTTP API provided by Ship IoT Lite, we're able to send data and events from the Kinoma Create to Ship IoT Lite, and then to other services like Twitter. Here's a video showing how we did it.

The IDE used there is Kinoma Studio which is the tool you use to deploy code to the Kinoma Create. You can find the sample code in our Kinoma project in github. I shared the simple Twitter bip in Ship IoT so you can get up and running quickly.

Ship IoT is a free to sign up, so give it a try today!