Mastering API Glue so you don't have to

October 31, 2012 / Posted By: wotio team

Like many projects, bipio emerged from the fog of creativity and necessity to solve a problem and scratch an itch.  For us, it was mostly about solving some tedious problems around implementing (and refactoring) complex message delivery stacks, and also more mundanely trying to manage and control the volume, quality and re-usability of messages that flowed through the system, including what appeared in our inboxes and from whom.  

After many years of feeling the pain and inefficiency of shoe-horning TCP transports, API’s or other services into playing nicely together, the eventual takeaway was very clear :

API Glue Abstraction is hard, solving the abstraction problem efficiently and intuitively in a way that maximizes creativity and responsiveness is very valuable

.. so here we are.  We’re building an API to programatically  create dynamic endpoints  that can accept or generate content (these are called ‘bips’) and push that content, transformed or filtered, out to other services via re-usable components (‘channels’) with a strong API developer focus.

We’ve started with simple email -> smtp/rss pipelining, sign up and stay tuned :)