Transform Defaults

Transform Defaults

Transform Defaults

February 20, 2015 / Bipio, Api / Posted By: wotio team

Hey, so we just released a cool new feature into the server that we hope you’ll find useful.

Whenever you use to connect awesome web-services together, its sometimes tedious to remember how a piece of the information you’re getting from one service should be mapped to another service, like when you want to create an email digest of your curated RSS feed of your favorite twitter content. It’s sort of annoying to have to remember and configure, okay, this RSS field field should map to that email setting, and this input should map to that output. every-single-time you want to create a bip.

Well now you don’t have to.

When you connect one web service to another, you can do all sorts of interesting ‘transforms’ with that data as it flows across the graph that you create as your bip. And well, some ways of connecting those services together are frankly more interesting and common amongst all users. And so we’ve taken the most popular transforms that people are using, and made them available as the default suggestions, for everyone to use.

You don’t have to use the suggested transform, of course. Its just a suggestion after all! You’re free to connect what you want, however you want. That’s the power and flexibility of When setting up your bip you can always personalize your integration by clicking on the +Variables button and choose whatever field you want to capture.

Let’s walk through how to set it up:

When you install, there’s now an extra option in the setup process to confirm that you’d like to periodically fetch the community transforms. This will set a “transforms” option in your config/default.json, like so:

This will tell the server to periodically go and fetch the latest popular transforms, which is set as a cron job that you can also configure in the server config settings. If you already have installed, you can update to the latest build to get this feature as well.

As this is largely a community-powered feature, the more you use it, the better it gets. Its smart like that. So give it a try. Let us know if you find this aspect useful.