Blog Container as a Service (CaaS)

December 4, 2015 / thingworx / Posted By: wotio team's Container as a Service (CaaS) not only enables the deployment of applications such as data services in public or private cloud infrastructure, but also enables deploying a data service directly onto a laptop. This is achieved using the power of Docker and the Thingworx container.

Docker has built Docker Toolbox to simplify the install on your laptop. Using Docker Toolbox, we can pull and run the Thingworx container, which we created for provisioning Thingworx instances for the LiveWorx hackathon in 2015. This enables you to deploy a full featured Thingworx instance on your laptop.

The video here demonstrates installing Docker Toolbox, logging into Docker Hub, downloading and running the Thingworx container. The video has been sped up, but the overall process was approximately 5 minutes.

You saw in the the video a great example of deploying a containerized version of Thingworx on a laptop. As Docker containers are portable, the same container can just as easily be deployed in the cloud as it was on my laptop. To do so, simply spin up a cloud VM running Docker, login to Docker Hub, and pull and run the Thingworx container.