Blog ThingWorx Extension

October 1, 2015 / Posted By: wotio team

ThingWorx is an IoT platform that enables users to collect IoT data from a variety of sources and build applications to visualize and operate on that data. As we showed in a previous post, supported the LiveWorx hackathon by deploying ThingWorx instances for developers to use in developing IoT solutions. In addition to automating ThingWorx deployment, we have also been working on creating a ThingWorx Extension for submission to the ThingWorx Marketplace.

As an IoT platform that values extensibility, ThingWorx provides a number of options for connecting other systems with a ThingWorx application. In particular, partners can package adapter into reusable ThingWorx extensions. Developers creating IoT solutions with ThingWorx can then install these extensions and easily access the additional functionality they provide in a fashion that is idiomatic to ThingWorx applications. developed an extension that follows this pattern and will provide a standard way to interface with the operating environment to send or receive data from a ThingWorx application.

As we've been working on our extension, we thought we would share some of the ways we think developers might use the extension. In this video we create a simple ThingWorx mashup showing just how a developer would access and use the installed extension.

We're looking forward to getting our extension listed in the ThingWorx Marketplace and getting feedback on how it works for ThingWorx developers.