5G may be a tale of two approaches, according to InterDigital’s Chris Cave

August 3, 2015 / 5G, IoT / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

The fifth generation wireless standard is expected to underpin new technology deployments as well as future technologies that at this time can only be imagined. Currently, we are in the earliest stages of defining what 5G will be, and opinions from throughout the mobile ecosystem are useful in the outline of the eventual big picture. Telecom Industry Association (TIA) recently conducted a survey, sponsored by InterDigital, which provides valuable insight into the network operator’s view of the 5G evolution.

InterDigital’s Chris Cave, Director of Research and Development, took a moment to reflect on the survey results, and where things stand today at the start of the 5G research race, in a recent article featured on VentureBeat. In the article, Chris provides six detailed reasons to support his statement that 5G may turn out to be a tale of two approaches – and maybe more. He provides evidence that at this point in the development of 5G there are different streams and motivators that need to be resolved and connected over the next few years, based on the results from the TIA operator survey.

However, Chris states that the point-of-view will likely change at the time of the technologies’ full-deployment. He closes with the statement, “Say in 2025, we’ll see it [5G] as the collaborative-but-competitive, global, evolutionary effort that it will undoubtedly morph into.”

Check out Chris’ full article here or to learn more about 5G, visit the vault.