5G World: Next Gen Networks architecture yields exponential video streaming gain

July 21, 2016 / 5G, Next Gen Networks, ICN, SDN, IP / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

Last month, 5G World 2016 brought together a number of telecom industry leading companies, including InterDigital, to demonstrate their latest work in making 5G a reality and enabling services to run over it. On the floor of the show, 5G World TV caught up with InterDigital Europe’s Dirk Trossen on the latest innovations and 5G insight from the company.  

In the video, InterDigital Europe’s Dirk Trossen demonstrates and explains our Next Generation Networks platform, which provides a flexible routing solution (FLIPS) based on an Information Centric Networking (ICN) approach. The platform is a hybrid of pure ICN and IP, to leverage the best of both: re-introducing multicast, particularly for HTTP unicast scenarios, as a way to drive down bandwidth costs.  

The technology has been developed in collaboration with other collaborators from the EU-funded collaborative research and development projects, POINT ("iP Over IcN —the betTer IP") and RIFE (aRchitecture for an Internet For Everybody). In addition, FLIPS recently became ETSI's MEC Industry Specification Group's fourth proof-of-concept.  

Check out the video below or click here to learn more on Next Generation Networks!