ARM TechCon 2015

ARM TechCon 2015

ARM TechCon 2015

November 17, 2015 / ARM TechCon / Posted By: wotio team spent last week in Santa Clara, CA, attending ARM's TechCon 2015 conference and we had a bunch of new things to show. As an ARM mbed partner, we had a kiosk location in ARM's mbed zone, which this year was a huge booth located right in the middle of the expo floor. As a reflection of the growth of the mbed ecosystem, the booth had 4 kiosk areas with 4 partners each for a total of 16 mbed partners represented in the booth!

ARM mbed Device Server was a key part of our demo and it was exciting to see strong interest in our delivery of the ARM mbed Device Service in the data service exchange.

Our kiosk had 3 ARM partners who were also partners, so that worked out well. Two hardware partners, Atmel and u-blox were represented with hardware in our demo. One of our key data service provider demos was an integration with ForgeRock and they were in the booth right next to us as well.

The demo had a sample of our new integration with Informatica as well as well as examples of,, ThingWorx, and Circonus. The premise of the demonstration was to show interoperability between IoT platforms and creating actionable results from the resulting connected device data for the enterprise.

ARM has posted a short video of our demo from the show:

You can also see videos of other ARM partners from the mbed Zone this year.

If you're interested in more detail on the data services, here is another video the describes them more fully:

In addition to our presence on the expo floor, we gave a talk as part of the Software Developer's Workshop. Our talk was titled Empower Your IoT Solution with Data Services and as the title suggests, we demonstrated some of the data services that are particularly useful for engineers and developers as they design IoT solutions.

It was a great show and we'll have more details on the technology behind the demos soon. As always, if you have questions about or any of our data services, don't hesitate to contact us!