ARM TechCon review: ARM-based Devices and PubNub

November 20, 2015 / Posted By: wotio team just returned from ARM TechCon 2015 presenting our data service exchange for connected device platforms. One of the major differentiation's for is our IoT platform interoperability. There are hundreds of IOT platforms, and new ones announced every week. Oracle announce yet another IoT platform at TechCon. In one talk there was a prediction that a home owner will have over 20 different IoT connected platforms in the home and car, that equates to 20 different apps for the home owner to deal with. offers the ability to aggregate and unify the IoT platforms, whether they be industrial, enterprise or home.

As a interoperability example we showcased ARM mbed device server and pubnub together with several data services to augment the aggregated connected device data. We recorded a video of how attendees can connect an ARM-based device to data services using PubNub. On the bottom of PubNub's IoT page and on their developer page you can see the breadth of libraries available. If you can get your ARM-based device connected using one of those, you can access bundle of data services we have made available.

When you go through the registration process, will provision accounts and some sample resources in and After logging in, you can add your account details to activate PubNub and Circonus. Here's just one example of what we can do!