At Play: Haptic-Enhanced Immersive Video Streaming

At Play: Haptic-Enhanced Immersive Video Streaming

At Play: Haptic-Enhanced Immersive Video Streaming

February 25, 2024 / MWC24 / Posted By: InterDigital Comms

InterDigital innovation in wireless, video, and AI helps empower new network capabilities and seamless connected experiences both today, and for our future. At Mobile World Congress 2024, we’ll be sharing a snapshot of our expertise, spotlighting our innovations shaping 5G Advanced and equipping 6G with the potential for network integration of sensing data, state-of-the-art streaming solutions that deliver the highest quality HDR content while mitigating energy impact, and partnerships and advancements in video codecs that enhance immersive streaming experiences with new sensations.

Join us at Hall 7 Stand 7B31 to experience how InterDigital innovation empowers connected experiences in all facets of our life. Peering through the lens of InterDigital innovation impact at work, at rest, and at play, read on to learn how our Video Lab’s cutting-edge research on haptics and immersive video streaming standards and solutions is revolutionizing play and entertainment scenarios by unlocking new sensations and immersive experiences for a variety of streaming audiences.

InterDigital Innovation: Haptic Enhanced Immersive Streaming


At MWC, InterDigital will showcase our contributions to immersive video standards and our commitment to future-looking haptic innovation through a connected gaming environment that enables players and viewers alike to experience the tactile sensation of seamlessly streamed, live gameplay.

Citing the popularity of eSports and live sports streams, this demonstration will display how InterDigital contributions to MPEG immersive and haptics standards and Razer Sensa HD haptic devices powered by Interhaptics can add new layers of immersivity in the delivery of crisp video entertainment to wide audiences.

Leveraging large-scale OTT mobile networks, InterDigital will display how the implementation of MPEG immersive and haptics codecs can enable a broad variety of viewers to experience the tactile sensation of eSports, whether transmitted through haptic devices in reaction to live game play, or integrated into streamed gaming environments that can be experienced through headsets and 2D screens.

Featured Technology and Innovation

InterDigital is a long-time contributor to video and wireless standards, particularly MPEG immersive standards like Scene Description, Visual Volumetric Video-based codecs (V3C), and newer haptics codecs that enrich immersive experiences with new depth and tactile sensations. Before reaching consumers, our forward-looking research is explored and made tangible through collaborations with a diverse ecosystem of partners.

Our partnerships with industry and academia partners help us amplify the impact of our innovation. For example, InterDigital collaborates with Philips to advance innovations and outcomes related to the implementation of the MPEG V3C codec and recently announced a

collaboration with Broadpeak on the delivery of volumetric and immersive media over content delivery methods. For this demo, we partnered with XD Productions to develop volumetric video content with added depth and parallax to showcase how InterDigital technologies and solutions can make the delivery of immersive gaming experiences crisper and more realistic.

Our MWC showcase would not be possible without the contributions from our partnership with Interhaptics, a leading software company specializing in cutting-edge HD haptic technologies acquired by Razer Inc. in 2022 and which powers Razer Sensa HD Haptics. InterDigital’s haptic-enhanced immersive video streaming demo is literally made tangible by Razer Sensa HD Haptic devices and Project Ester, the industry’s first HD haptics gaming cushion debuted at CES 2024.

Razer Sensa HD Haptic devices, equipped with Interhaptics technology, blur the lines between our physical and virtual worlds by making in-game actions palpably real. Displayed at our booth, Razer’s HD Haptics gaming cushion delivers complex and realistic tactile sensations for unparalleled in-game immersion, and coupled with the application of InterDigital’s contributions to MPEG immersive codecs and distribution systems architectures, a new world of sensory-enhanced immersive experiences is made possible for a variety of viewers and device types.

Why This Matters

As our modes of communication and entertainment evolve and reach new depths, InterDigital remains at the forefront of research, innovation, and collaboration to make the potential of exciting new technologies a reality.

Haptic-enhanced immersive content is an exciting way to experience gaming and new modes of entertainment, and InterDigital innovation is exploring how to distribute and empower large scale immersive video experiences to a broad audience with varying device capabilities and requirements. Our contributions to core MPEG media codecs create avenues to enrich immersive experiences with new depth and tactile sensations, and our collaborations with companies like Interhaptics and Razer help us amplify the impact and incredible capabilities of haptic innovation and devices.