Bill Crean, InterDigital’s User Adaptive Video Solution Featured at TC3 Summit

September 24, 2013 / Posted By: jjohnston

Martha DeGrasse, Editor for RCR Wireless, interviews Bill Crean, Director of Product Management at InterDigital, about our User Adaptive Video Solution while attending the TC3 Summit.  They discuss how our solution reduces the amount of bandwidth required to stream video to end-users.  By understanding the science behind watching a video, and the ability for the human eye to detect imperfections based on environmental factors, InterDigital is able to reduce the amount of required bandwidth.

The TC3 Summit, held September 18-19, 2013, is the premier telecom innovation event of the year, which highlights the relationship between the companies building communication networks, with the people and ideas that are creating it.

To learn more about our User Adaptive Video solution, and other video-related research, visit the InterDigital Vault and enter “video streaming” or “user-aware video” as search terms.