BipIO Acquired

BipIO Acquired

BipIO Acquired

September 15, 2014 / Posted By: wotio team

I’m thrilled to announce BipIO was recently acquired by, a data service exchange for connected device platforms, and I have joined as the director of application engineering. Let me be the first to not only welcome you to the combined and BipIO ecosystem, but also explain how this acquisition benefits you.

With the and BipIO shared philosophies, this represents many positives for our community.

My open source BipIO vision is now maturing into a dedicated full-time team and will allow us to continue to support the platform as we’ve done in the past, with additional people to lean on for answering questions, fixing bugs, and implementing features. We’ll be working even harder at making the orchestration of web and data services meaningful, expressive and easy. I’m very pleased that will continue to maintain our open platform with the current terms of service and privacy policy still applying to your user data. Just as we’ve done in the past, if we make material changes to the privacy policy, we will seek your consent to such changes.

Together with, we are working to open access to the IoT and M2M platforms with an innovative data service exchange model, and now you are involved in the next generation of connected data and devices. While still supporting the existing BipIO community, will enable BipIO to scale and expand into new markets.

Our vision will always be to break down the walled gardens of the internet, and with the resources of, we are closer to reaching that goal. This is a very exciting time at, and we’re honored that you’re a part of our growing ecosystem.

If you have any questions, or wish to opt out of the BIpIO service, feel free to reach out to, or me personally at

Thankyou for your support

- Michael Pearson