HEVC and Bitrate Optimizers: Industry Thought Leader Highlights InterDigital’s PerceptFX

August 4, 2015 / HEVC, Video, PerceptFX, h.264 / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

Jan Ozer, one of the leading journalists and thought leaders in the streaming content space, recently wrote about HEVC Advance, and the fact that some companies are already offering technologies that claim to reduce the delivery data rate of h.264 and other codecs by as much as 50 percent with minimal impact on visual quality. His article, “The State of Video Codecs 2015,” looks at ways that new technologies could provide another way to extend the life of the h.264.

The technologies being offered do not replace the codec, instead they aim to make it work more efficiently. In his article, Jan describes the approaches of three companies: Faroudja Enterprises, EuclidIQ and InterDigital. While all three companies offer an element of compression-enhancement, they operate at different points in the encoding workflow and may have different target markets. Faroudja Enterprises provides a video bitrate reduction technology that is employed at the front and back end of video encoding/transcoding workflows. The technology appears to be targeted toward broadcast and similar markets, as Jan stated in the article. EuclidIQ offers a compression suite that yields bitrate reductions without requiring pre- or post-processing. However, EuclidIQ does not seem to be targeting the streaming publisher directly, instead it seeks encoding vendors.

InterDigital’s PerceptFX delivers a set of tools, pre-processor and artifact removal toolkit, to help content publishers improve their customers’ viewing experiences and reduce costs for content delivery and storage. The PerceptFX pre-processor eliminates imperceptible image data, enabling 4K and other resolution video to be delivered at impressive bandwidth savings. This solution offers seamless integration with existing workflows and solutions. For example, PerceptFX will demonstrate how Vantrix now enhances their open transcoding video pipeline with the PerceptFX pre-processor at the Cable Labs Summer Conference in Keystone, Colorado this week.

Going to miss Cable Labs? Check out Vantrix and InterDigital’s next demonstration at International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam from September 11-15, 2015.

To learn more about InterDigital’s PerceptFX, please click here.