HEVC Scalable Extensions Explored in IEEE MultiMedia Magazine

August 12, 2014 / H.265, HEVC, SHVC, UHD / Posted By: Stephanie Stocker

In the July-September issue of IEEE MultiMedia magazine, InterDigitals’ Yan Ye co-authored a paper exploring “The Scalable Extensions of HEVC for Ultra-High-Definition Video Delivery.” This invited article addresses the current trends in the video delivery marketplace, including the anticipated increase of UHD content being delivered to consumers.

Scalable video coding for the H.265/HEVC standard (SHVC) is studied in this article as an attractive coding option for HD to UHD transition, which includes storage and bandwidth efficiency for delivery, as well as channel error robustness. The SHVC provides efficient coding solutions for varying screen resolutions, color gamuts and bit depths.

For even more information on this topic, visit the InterDigital Vault and search for “video delivery.”