HEVC Standard Version 2 Completed

August 29, 2014 / JCT-VC, SHVC, HEVC, Video / Posted By: Meghan Carney

Recently in July, at the 18th JCT-VC meeting, the 9th JCT-3V meeting, the 109th MPEG meeting, and the ITU-T SG16 meeting, the 2nd edition of the HEVC standard was completed.  This 2nd edition has been approved by ITU-T, and is currently under ballot in ISO/IEC.

This is a significant milestone for InterDigital and other companies working to advance video coding technology.  There are two important extensions included in this 2nd edition.  The first is SHVC, which is the scalability extension of HEVC and adds support for embedded bitstream scalability. The second extension, known as MV-HEVC, will provide more efficient video capabilities for 3D stereoscopic and autostereoscopic video tools through the multiview extensions of HEVC.  To learn more about these advancements, click here to visit the MPEG meeting 109 webpage.

InterDigital has been a significant contributor to the HEVC standard, specifically in regards to SHVC.  Our engineers answered the SHVC call for proposals with a unique framework known as the “Reference Index Based Framework”, which is now a fundamental part of SHVC.

To read more on InterDigital’s work in the advancement of video coding technologies, check out the InterDigital Vault. It has whitepapers, presentations, and videos related to HEVC as well as other hot topics.