How App Makers will Trade Wi-Fi Access for Membership

August 27, 2014 / Apps, Connectivity, VentureBeat, Wireless Networks / Posted By: Meghan Carney

We’ve all been there, while attending a major event you snap a picture to capture a big moment and want to share that photo with friends, family and your social network. Unfortunately, so does everyone else.  With the increased traffic, wireless networks become congested and connectivity becomes nearly impossible.

Our own Narayan Menon, Vice President of InterDigital Labs, has some advice for app makers that could increase their revenue while also improving the end-user’s experience.  In a guest post with VentureBeat, Narayan discusses sponsored connectivity, whereby app providers could allocate Wi-Fi capacity through algorithms or make automatic connections that retry upload requests every few minutes.

Narayan points out that a value-added offering, such as free connectivity, increases an app creator’s user-base, which could ultimately increase revenue through more advertising sales, and could also expand current customer loyalty.

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