“I Have to Admit; It Came Out to Be More Than We Expected!” - Nobel Prize Winner Dr. George Smith

June 29, 2014 / CCD, innovation, technology / Posted By: Stephanie Stocker

In 2009, Dr. George Smith received the Nobel Prize for Physics along with his partner Willard Boyle for their invention, the charge-coupled device (CCD), designed during their tenure at Bell Labs. The CCD made digital imaging possible, from the earliest fax machines through modern cell phone cameras, changing the technology landscape forever.

On May 10, Dr. Smith spoke at InterDigital’s annual Innovators’ Awards Dinner, which honors the company’s most prolific and successful engineers. During his time with us, he sat down for a short interview with Diana Pani, one of our top innovators. In the interview, Dr. Smith talks about what it was like inventing such an important piece of technology, what it feels like to win the Nobel Prize, and what “innovation” really means to him.