Informal Survey says 92% believe Spectrum Harvesting is viable: Results from an IEEE & InterDigital Webinar

On June 18th, Angelo Cuffaro, Senior Director of InterDigital Labs, participated in an IEEE webinar panel along with industry experts from Texas Instruments, Shared Spectrum and Aviacomm.  The panel presented their views on how they believe the industry should address the impending bandwidth crunch.

Panelists discussed key topics within the spectrum harvesting space, including coexistence of secondary devices within spectrums like TV WhiteSpace, steps needed to enable spectrum sharing on a wider scale, the benefits of spectrum sensing in spectrum sharing models, and the requirements for RFIC transceivers to meet FCC requirements for non-interference within the TVWS broadband.  To hear the panelist’s assessment of these topics, and to view the full webinar, visit the IEEE site here.

Other key takeaways from the webinar were the poll results from the audience of approximately 140 participants.  When asked if spectrum harvesting was a viable model, 92% responded yes.  Votes on the best way to address a potential broadband crunch were a little more split, with the most popular option (50%) being the ability to share underutilized spectrum like the TVWS model:

[caption id="attachment_4403" align="aligncenter" width="626"]Spectrum Harvesting Bandwidth Crunch Survey Results IEEE & InterDigital Webinar: The Future of Spectrum Harvesting Technology, June 2014[/caption]


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