InterDigital and DDD Improve Video Streaming Through 3D Conversion Technology

March 11, 2014 / MWC, DDD, 2D, streaming / Posted By: Jason Johnston

A new depth-based video pre-processing solution that delivers bandwidth savings has been announced by the development team of InterDigital and DDD.  This technology addresses the increasing demand for streaming high-definition video both at home and on the go.

The pre-processing solution typically saves more than 20% of the bit rate over unprocessed video when streaming 2D video to Smart TVs, smartphones, and tablets.  By combining DDD’s depth-based video pre-processing solution with InterDigital’s user-adaptive streaming technology, bit-rate savings are possible to reduce bandwidth costs without compromising picture quality.

This new solution pre-processes 2D video before it is encoded and streamed, then, at the receiver, a conventional decoder is used to play back the video.  InterDigital is able to adjust the bit rate of the video stream based on the device’s sensors to optimize the perceived resolution of the video image for any given screen size and viewing distance.  InterDigital and DDD’s technology solution has enabled full 1080 HD versions of content to be delivered where conventional encoding techniques reduce the picture quality to 720 HD resolution based on the available bandwidth.

Demonstrations at CES 2014 and Mobile World Congress 2014 were the first to reveal this new technology as a viable solution to current market demands and trends.  "The increasing demand for streaming video on smartphones and tablets, coupled with the lower transmission speeds that are available to mobile users makes Mobile World Congress an ideal venue to showcase our leading edge video solutions." -Scott McQuilkin, Senior Executive Vice President, Innovation at InterDigital.

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