InterDigital at MWC 2023

InterDigital at MWC 2023

InterDigital at MWC 2023

March 29, 2023 / MWC / Posted By: InterDigital Comms

During InterDigital’s showcase at Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, our leaders, engineers, and inventors demonstrated our wireless, video, and AI/ML innovations enabling the future of connected ecosystems.

More than 88,000 participants traveled to the Gran Fira for the annual telecom conference and InterDigital was pleased to welcome a variety of visitors to experience our innovative research and industry collaborations that leverage AI/ML to enhance wireless network behaviors beyond 5G, provide rendering and delivery solutions for high quality HDR content, and shape standards for immersive and sensory-enhanced video experiences.

InterDigital left a strong mark on visitors through our technology demonstrations and public engagement. We held a variety of meetings, interviews, and briefings to outline the importance of our innovative research and bring attention to important issues facing our tech ecosystem.


InterDigital MWC Booth

In addition to welcoming a delegation of European Commission MEPs and a diverse group of business representatives, our executives and research leaders met with a variety of journalists and analysts to discuss issues ranging from 6G, AI/ML, and immersive trends with Mobile World Live, the intricacies and impact of our demos with 6GWorld, and InterDigital’s contributions to a metaverse simulation environment with Anritsu, among other topics.

Our wireless and video demos displayed how InterDigital’s pioneering research sits at the intersection of wireless and video and introduced the ways AI/ML can be applied to critical network components to enable the devices, services, and experiences that define connected ecosystems.

AI-Enabled Experiences Beyond 5G
– At MWC, we demonstrated our innovations that leverage AI/ML to enhance network behaviors beyond 5G to improve user experience under radio link degradation. Using an emulated 5G network provided by Anritsu, we remotely and seamlessly controlled a robotic arm via live video feed through a VR headset to demonstrate how InterDigital’s solutions help enhance and overcome adverse network conditions that would otherwise impact user experiences.

Ensuring Quality Streaming and Rendering for 4K HDR Video– In addition, we showcased our video expertise in VVC and SL-HDR technology, which helps deliver some of the highest streaming and rendering quality for 4K HDR video. Our contributions in this space help enable the delivery of high-quality video content, a critical component of realistic, immersive virtual ecosystems.


Encouraging Seamless Digital Representation for Connected Communications
– InterDigital engineers also demonstrated their latest research contributions to disruptive avatar-related technologies, including MPEG’s new 3D reference model for a humanoid avatar, furthering our effort to support a single virtual representation of users in connected environments.

Immersive Codecs Enabling Future XR Experiences- Immersive Codecs Enabling Future XR Experiences – We also highlighted the importance of our contributions to MPEG Immersive codecs in enabling future XR experiences. At our booth, we displayed how bandwidth-heavy volumetric video content can be seamlessly streamed over an enhanced 5G network using open video standards like video point cloud compression (V-PCC), and how sensory-enhanced experiences can be more efficiently streamed with the new MPEG-Haptics standard.


Throughout the show, we spotlighted InterDigital’s innovative contributions in video and wireless that will help unlock exciting and immersive experiences in the future. Our demos were bolstered by the debut of our concept video, illustrating InterDigital’s long-term impact of enabling new technologies and solutions that make connected spaces more immersive while helping to establish a more seamless interface between physical, digital, and virtual worlds. You can view the video below.

Our booth and demos helped illustrate that the connected ecosystems that define our present, and our future, are all underpinned by a foundation of wireless and video technologies and standards that enable virtual experiences that are seamless, immersive, and realistic.

Milind Kulkarni MWC Panel

InterDigital’s Head of Wireless Labs Milind Kulkarni reiterated these important messages as a featured speaker during the “5G, AI, and XR for New Immersive Experiences” conference session, alongside fellow experts from Ericsson and Qualcomm. The discussion, moderated by EY’s Edwina Fitzmaurice, addressed some of the forthcoming technologies and innovations and the importance of standards in enabling new capabilities for immersive experiences and services.

You can watch Milind’s panel discussion here.

We were pleased to be back in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2023, and we look forward to the exciting year ahead!