InterDigital Engineer Published on EDN with Article on Carrier Grade Wi-Fi

March 10, 2014 / carrier grade Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi / Posted By: Stephanie Stocker

Monisha Ghosh, principal engineer at InterDigital, was recently published on EDN Network with “Addressing expanding wireless data usage? Turn to carrier grade Wi-Fi,” focusing on the reasons carrier grade Wi-Fi may be the solution to continuously growing data usage. With a large percentage of mobile traffic choosing Wi-Fi over cellular service when available, and increasing numbers of public Wi-Fi networks to meet that demand, overall data usage is projected to expand significantly.

Monisha argues that the solution resides in carrier grade Wi-Fi once specific challenges, including throughput, quality and deployment, are resolved. In her article, she delves into three technologies that might address these requirements: multi-user parallel channel access, uplink multi-user MIMO, and fractional CSMA and transmit power control. Read the article on EDN Network for full details.

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