InterDigital Engineers Help Drive the Future of IoT Standards

InterDigital Engineers Help Drive the Future of IoT Standards

InterDigital Engineers Help Drive the Future of IoT Standards

December 13, 2016 / IoT,, oneMPOWER, oneTRANSPORT, oneM2M, ETSI / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

The mobile industry is characterized by global standards, and various standards-based solutions are being proposed by organizations such as the 3GPP, ETSI and oneM2M™ for the Internet of Things. As an industry leader, InterDigital has been an active contributor to the development of standards-based IoT from the beginning and continues to help drive the efforts, which can be seen in some of the recent efforts and involvement of our engineers.  

In early November, InterDigital’s Dale Seed, Principal Engineer, IoT Research and Development, led a webinar that provided an overview of new features and functionality supported by a newly-published Release 2 version of the oneM2M™ standard. oneM2M™ is a global organization creating a scalable and interoperable standard for communications of devices and services used in M2M applications and the IoT. Missed the webinar? Check out the recorded version here.  

A few weeks later, Dale participated in a panel session alongside industry experts from Nokia, Sierra Wireless, Qualcomm and ETSI at the Grand Slam ’16 Internet of Things Virtual Conference. The panel, titled “oneM2M™ Release 2: Setting the Standard for IoT Interoperability,” highlighted the role oneM2M™ plays in providing interoperability across a number of IoT connectivity protocols.  

InterDigital’s IoT team also participated in ETSI’s IoT/M2M Workshop 2016 which took place from November 15-17, 2016 in Sophia Antipolis, France.  Owen Griffin, Senior Manager, InterDigital Europe, presented on the oneTRANSPORT initiative and the role of InterDigital’s oneMPOWER™ powered by™ within the smart transport initiative. Also at the workshop, the team demonstrated how the work within the oneTRANSPORT and Smart Routing initiatives allows data and platform integration through four United Kingdom counties as well as the city of Birmingham and brings the end user closer to data producers.  

Most recently, the company participated in TTA and ETSI’s 3rd oneM2M™ Interop event in Kobe, Japan. InterDigital participated and conducted joint testing to verify multi-vendor interoperability of oneMPOWER™ with other participants. The company has been a participant along side industry leaders such as Cisco, HERIT, Huawei, KETI, Ricoh and Qualcomm since the event’s inception in September 2015.  

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