InterDigital Engineers Named to Prestigious Leadership Roles in the Industry

March 8, 2017 / 5g, 3gpp / Posted By: rachel.rorke

InterDigital is delighted to announce that two of our employees, Liangping Ma and Ed Ehrlich, have recently been selected to represent our company in leadership roles in the mobile industry.  We are very excited for them to showcase their expertise in their respective new roles, and can’t wait to share their successes along their journeys.

Liangping Ma, IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer for 2017-2018

The IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) has selected InterDigital’s Liangping Ma as an IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer for 2017-2018.  ComSoc’s Distinguished Lecture Tour is designed to create a network of subject-matter experts and renowned authorities on communications and networking-related topics.

Liangping is a Member of the Technical Staff in the San Diego, CA office of InterDigital.  His current research interests include 5G radio access networks, ultra-reliable and low-latency video communication, and machine learning.  He and his team invented a number of fundamental technologies on video communication and cognitive radios. Liangping has served as the Chair of the San Diego Chapter of the IEEE Communication Society since 2014. He received his PhD from the University of Delaware and his B.S. degree from Wuhan University, China.

Ed Ehrlich, Vice Chair of ATIS WTSC-RAN

In early February, ATIS (Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions) held elections for some of their committee leadership roles and announced that InterDigital’s Ed Ehrlich was elected vice chair of ATIS WTSC-RAN.  ATIS is a forum where information and communications technology companies convene to find solutions to pressing industry challenges, and is the North American Organizational Partner for 3GPP.  As vice chair of WTSC-RAN (which stands for Wireless Technologies and Systems Committee – Radio Access Networks), Ed will be part of the team that provides North American inputs into a wide range of radio access issues that 3GPP tackles, the main topic now being 5G.

Ed is a Member of the Technical Staff in the Conshohocken, PA office of InterDigital.  This March marks Ed’s fifth year with InterDigital, though he has been involved in the mobile industry for over 25 years.  He specializes in leading edge wireless technologies with emphasis on the development of industry alliances, standards, and regulatory requirements, and earned a B.S. degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

These achievements are excellent markers of InterDigital’s talent and hard work; please join us in congratulating Liangping and Ed for their great accomplishments!