InterDigital Experts Share IoT & Smart Cities Insight

May 31, 2017 / IoT, Smart Cities / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

While the IoT market, in general, was slow to capture the public's imagination prior to 2017, one area where IoT is blooming is in the smart city and smart building industry. Mass rollouts of IoT in an industrial setting, including urban environments and business hubs, are beginning to garner success. It is more important than ever to understand what smart cities are, how they get smart, what technologies have the greatest impact, potential challenges, and much more.  

A number of InterDigital IoT experts alongside their industry peers plan to share emerging technologies, complex challenges, best practices and reasonable expectations for the future of smart cities throughout this month. Just some of the upcoming opportunities to hear from InterDigital include:

InterDigital has been an active contributor to the development of standards-based IoT to enable multiple ecosystem partners to provide IoT solutions that range from industry specific applications to advanced data marketplaces.  In addition, the company is actively involved in organizations that are dedicated to the acceleration of IoT including ATIS, IIC, GSMA NB-IoT, and oneM2MTM, among others.

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