InterDigital shortlisted for 2016 Glotel and World Communication Awards

InterDigital shortlisted for 2016 Glotel and World Communication Awards

InterDigital shortlisted for 2016 Glotel and World Communication Awards

September 29, 2016 / IoT, 5G, oneTRANSPORT, oneMPOWER, / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

InterDigital is delighted to announce that is has been shortlisted for two upcoming awards - the Global Telecoms Awards (also known as the Glotels), and the World Communication Awards (WCA). In the Glotels, InterDigital has been shortlisted alongside Nokia, Openmarket, Truphone and Türk Telekom in the ‘Harnessing the IoT opportunity’ category for its contributions to the oneTRANSPORT initiative. InterDigital also made the shortlist for the WCAs ‘Smart Cities Award’, also for its work related to oneTRANSPORT, with InterDigital shortlisted alongside Cisco and Telekom Malaysia.

The Glotels serve as a celebration of outstanding companies who are paving the way for innovation within the telecoms industry, while the WCAs are hailed to be one of the industry’s most prestigious awards, recognizing innovation, merit and outstanding performance in telecoms. Both award schemes seek to recognize advances in areas such as 5G innovation, IoT in practice, sustainability and customer experience.  

InterDigital has been recognized for its achievements in the IoT space, namely in relation to its work on the oneTRANSPORT smart transport initiative. Comprised of a consortium of eleven partners, oneTRANSPORT is built on InterDigital’s IoT platform, oneMPOWERTM powered by wot.ioTM, which is compliant with the oneM2MTM standard.

Currently being trialed across some of the UK’s biggest counties (Buckinghamshire) and cities (Birmingham), oneTRANSPORT is a real-world example of how IoT technologies are transforming the way businesses, authorities and consumers connect with one another.  

Also, shortlisted alongside oneTRANSPORT for the WCA’s ‘Smart Cities Award,” is the Bristol is Open (BIO) project. BIO is an open “programmable city” project that provides citizens with the ability to participate and contribute to the way their city works. In December 2015, InterDigital joined the project as an industrial partner and now actively participates in helping to build the world’s first open programmable city.   

Making the shortlist for these two awards underscores InterDigital’s commitment to delivering world-class standards within the realms of IoT and future wireless, while offering innovative technological solutions that are making a real-world impact.  

Well done to all those involved in the oneTRANSPORT and Bristol is Open projects and keep fingers crossed for the winner announcements at the forthcoming award ceremonies.