InterDigital Talks Information Centric Networks with RCR Wireless News

December 3, 2015 / ICN, 5G, NFV, SDN / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

With increases in demand for video and next generation services, content needs to live closer to the end user. Therefore, a possible key piece to realizing the full potential of 5G could be the information centric network (ICN). Recently, InterDigital Europe’s Dirk Trossen, principal engineer, sat down with RCR Wireless News’ Jeff Mucci, CEO and Editorial Director to further discuss the role of an ICN.

“An information centric network is a network where the information itself is identified, instead of sending a packet from an IP’re streaming information and the actual information is at the center,” Dirk explains to Jeff. He goes on to talk about the current problem that carriers face and the approaches, CDNs and overprovisioning, being used to solve the problem. He clarifies that the current approaches will not be sustainable when you consider the demands that 5G will create.  

Dirk provides Jeff with an example of a potential 5G network model and describes how ICN will fit into the 5G picture. Finally, he provides insight into what he feels will prompt carriers, over-the-top players and other service providers to embrace this new network.

Watch the full discussion below: