InterDigital’s Bob DiFazio Talks 5G and New Frequencies with IDG News

June 26, 2015 / 5G, Millimeter Wave, EdgeHaul / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

The initial requirements for 5G networks highlighted the need for an increase in spectrum, but that need has now expanded. Following the LTE and 5G World Summit Conferences, IDG News published an article that addresses the telecommunication industry’s search for new frequencies in which to operate 5G networks.

In the article, InterDigital’s Robert “Bob” DiFazio, Chief Engineer, discusses the growing need to unlock new spectrum bands in the 6GHZ to 100GHz range. “The use of spectrum in these bands is immensely important for 5G networks to be able to offer multiple gigabits per second,” stated DiFazio. An increase in communication speeds is expected to correlate with lower latency in mobile networks. As the article states, ”there is nowhere else to go but up,” according to Samsung. However, in order to access the potential of new spectrum bands, a new generation of antennas and modulation schemes will be required as well as regulatory approval.

Earlier this week at LTE World Summit, InterDigital featured a live over-the-air demonstration of its EdgeHaul™ WiGig-based millimeter wave mesh backhaul platform for Gbps transport. The EdgeHaul solution, which is designed to operate in 60GHz unlicensed spectrum, uses adaptive phased array beam forming technology and features an antenna that is a precursor to the new generation of antennas that will be needed to increase the speed of 5G networks.

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