InterDigital’s Chris Cave Talks Path to 5G with RCR Wireless

September 23, 2015 / 5G, LTE / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

InterDigital’s  Chris Cave, Director, Research and Development, recently joined RCR Wireless’ Claudia Bacco in a video interview on the path to 5G. During the interview, Chris and Claudia discuss four major topics related to the transition from LTE to 5G – spectrum, LTE evolution, network infrastructure changes and 5G use cases.

Chris anticipates that LTE will continue to evolve in the existing 4G spectrum and will be a key component of 5G systems. Key topics that will be explored during this evolution include unlicensed bands as well as M2M and device-to-device communications that could play a major role in the connected car discussion. 5G is predicted to be everything you can imagine that can benefit from a wireless connection. This prediction makes use cases extremely important to 5G. Chris explains how he simplifies the 5G use case discussion into to two distinct categories - mobile broadband use cases and the connected world.

To learn more on the path to 5G, watch Chris' interview below: