InterDigital’s Narayan Menon Talks IoT at GeoWeb Summit #8

June 13, 2014 / GeoWeb Summit, Internet of Things, IoT / Posted By: Meghan Carney

Prior to breaking for the Memorial Day holiday, pioneers in the emerging geoweb industry met in Brooklyn, NY for the most recent GeoWeb Summit.  This semi-annual forum serves as a platform for experts from the digital world to meet and discuss recent industry trends.  Summit # 8 focused largely on the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT).

On Day 2 of the summit, InterDigital’s Vice President of InterDigital Labs, Narayan Menon, gave a Keynote focusing on the next generation of IoT.  Narayan discussed some of the challenges facing today’s M2M ecosystem, including device diversity and network scale due to vertical solutions.  He explains that the next generation of IoT is all about horizontal platforms that enable scale and a rich landscape of applications that can support interoperability between the diverse devices, applications and networks in the market today.  If you’re interested in learning more about the next evolution of IoT, slides from Narayan’s presentation can be found here.

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