InterDigital’s New Cesson-Sévigné Office Welcomes Local Leaders for Tech-Filled Open House

InterDigital’s New Cesson-Sévigné Office Welcomes Local Leaders for Tech-Filled Open House

InterDigital’s New Cesson-Sévigné Office Welcomes Local Leaders for Tech-Filled Open House

October 12, 2023 / Posted By: InterDigital Comms

On October 11, InterDigital welcomed industry collaborators, local government, and academic partners for an official ribbon cutting to open InterDigital’s new Cesson-Sévigné office building, the Zen II. In attendance were InterDigital’s engineers and executive committee alongside local industry and government leaders, including Cesson-Sévigné Mayor Jean-Pierre Savignac, to witness InterDigital’s research expertise and cutting-edge video innovation.

Cesson-Sévigné Mayor Jean-Pierre Savignac
delivers remarks at the InterDigital France Open House

InterDigital is one of the world’s largest pure R&D and licensing companies with a rich heritage in wireless and video technologies and expertise in developing advanced technologies and contributing them to global standards.

As a global company with research labs and offices across Europe, North America, and Asia, InterDigital’s new Rennes office represents the company’s newest, and largest, office.


About the Cesson-Sévigné Office

Located in Cesson-Sévigné, InterDigital’s new Rennes office is home to more than 140 French employees, of which roughly 30% hold a PhD and more than half have an engineering or masters’ degree.

InterDigital’s Cesson-Sévigné-based employees lead rigorous research in the Video Lab, contribute to global standards, and manage InterDigital’s diverse patent portfolio. InterDigital’s Video Lab develops 2D and new media codecs and solutions that enable video experiences to be crisper, more immersive, and more sustainable.

InterDigital France General Manager Lionel Oisel,
Cesson-Sévigné Mayor Jean-Pierre Savignac,
and InterDigital President and CEO Liren Chen commemorate the new office opening
delivers remarks at the InterDigital France Open House

To foster cutting-edge and impactful research and innovation, InterDigital re-invests approximately half of our recurring revenue in research and portfolio development. Our R&D efforts have resulted in critical inventions covered by a portfolio of approximately 30,000 patents and patent applications.

Our Research and Innovation

InterDigital’s standards-driven research enables future generations of video, new media coding, and streaming through innovation in media compression that decreases bandwidth and energy consumption while increasing content quality and allowing new services.

At the Open House, InterDigital engineers demonstrated various innovations displaying expertise in facial expression capture, haptics and immersive codecs, video delivery and rendering, and new solutions to mitigate video energy consumption.

InterDigital Video Lab engineers demonstrate the latest innovation in haptics and immersive video experiences
A Video Lab engineer showcases InterDigital’s research contributions to avatar modeling and animation for connected communications

Specifically, engineers demonstrated:

  • Technologies to enable future metaverse systems, including tools for real-time animation of a 3D avatar,
  • Improvements to video game experiences through haptics and sensorial effects that enhance immersivity, 
  • An end-to-end pipeline enabling the creation, distribution, and rendering of high-dynamic range (HDR) content,
  • Video-based immersive codecs enabling new XR experiences like telelearning or 3D telepresence, and
  • Pioneering solutions to reduce video energy consumption while maintaining viewer experiences.

Recently named one of LexisNexis’ top 100 leaders in sustainable innovation, InterDigital’s energy-aware advocacy, state-of-the-art solutions, and contributions to sustainable video codecs have have been acknowledged across global standards bodies like ITU-R, MPEG, DVB, ATSC, and SMPTE for setting an industry framework to integrate solutions that mitigate energy consumption while enabling more immersive video experiences.

InterDigital’s Impact in France

InterDigital’s strategic partnerships with innovation hubs, startups, and institutions like INRIA has deepened the development of technologies that enhance media experiences. Specifically, InterDigital’s strategic partnership with the INRIA through a Common Lab explores new technologies to support immersive and metaverse applications.

Guests and partners attend InterDigital

Guests and partners attend InterDigital's Office Opening


A key player in the local innovation ecosystem, InterDigital collaborates with local engineering schools, providing research sponsorships and PhD co-supervision for students from INRIA, INSA, IMT Atlantique, IRISA, and CentraleSupelec and many other universities and engineering schools. More than 20 current InterDigital employees previously worked for INRIA as PhDs or post-doctoral students.

A critical contributor to the global standards that underpin the innovation ecosystem, InterDigital’s Rennes researchers hold more than 40 leadership positions in video standards bodies including MPEG, DVB, and ITU, and have made more than 200 contributions per year enabling video evolution.

As InterDigital’s newest and biggest site, the Cesson-Sévigné office will continue to be a haven for critical research and innovation driving growth and improvement in the technology ecosystem.

Learn more about InterDigital here.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact Lionel Oisel, General Manager, InterDigital France or Roya Stephens, Director of Communications, InterDigital.