Internet of Everything – The Real 5G Challenge?

July 6, 2015 / IOT, IOE, 5G, SDN, NFV / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

5G will literally be about supporting everything - that is, supporting a wireless world that is the “Internet of everything,” stated InterDigital’s Alan Carlton in the first article of his three-part series on 5G featured in RCR Wireless News’ Reader Forum.

In the article, titled “5G is coming! Wireless telecom is dead, long live wireless IT,” Carlton dives into the real 5G challenge – supporting the internet of everything. Mr. Carlton discusses how 5G will tackle the challenge of everything through a foundation of established IT thinking. The article covers the role of cornerstone technologies such as software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) as well as radio technology in the emergence of 5G.

Make sure to stay tuned as RCR Wireless will publish Carlton’s two follow-up articles that will explore 5G network and radio aspect in more detail. To read the full first article, please click here.