Interns at InterDigital: Inside the Montreal Lab

Interns at InterDigital: Inside the Montreal Lab

Interns at InterDigital: Inside the Montreal Lab

September 2, 2022 / Posted By: InterDigital Comms
InterDigital Summer Interns

Interns and mentors in InterDigital's Montreal Office.

 L to R: Gurdeep Bhullar; Dhruvi Goyal (Intern); Ariel Glasroth (Intern); Adhavan Thirumurthy (Intern); Adwaiit Rajjvaed (Intern); Saurabh Puri; and Srinivas Gudumasu

During the summer of 2022, InterDigital’s Montreal Office hosted several interns working on a variety of wireless and video topics.

Nearing the conclusion of their time at InterDigital, each of the interns reflected on the work they led and experiences they shared while developing and contributing to the research that fuels our company and sets a foundation for our industry. We thank each of our interns for their diligence and hard work and contributions to the Lab’s research.

  • Advaiit Rajjvaed: GSTH266enc: A Gstreamer Plugin for VVC Encoder
  • Adhavan Thirumurthy: A Framework for Real-time Delivery of V3C Point Clouds
  • Ariel Glasroth: Optimized End-to-end Adaptive Streaming of Volumetric Media
  • Dhruvi Goyal: Prototyping 3GPP Edge Evolution on the AdvantEDGE platform

Here’s more about each of the critical projects supported and the experiences fostered at InterDigital, in their own words.

GSTH266enc: A Gstreamer plugin for VVC encoder

During this project, Advaiit helped develop a custom Gstreamer element for the Versatile Video Codec (VVC) encoder named as GstH266enc, with the goal of extending the capabilities of the existing cloud gaming platform to support newer codecs. Advaiit was exposed to the Gstreamer open-source framework for designing multimedia processing pipelines in software, and his work included helping to develop a generic Gstreamer plugin that can easily be extended to support multiple low-level VVC implementation. Through this project, Advaiit was able to familiarize himself with the latest video coding jargon and video coding standards like VVC.

Advaiit Rajjvaed: “Interning at InterDigital has been, and continues to be, a transformative experience for me. Not only have I been exposed to the research side of technology, but also to a very inviting and inclusive culture. I have been working on very important aspects of Gstreamer and video encoding while here, and working with smart engineering mentors has certainly added a lot of perspective to my way of thinking when it comes to solving engineering problems. As an engineer, I will forever be grateful to InterDigital for the technical exposure, access to very capable engineering mentors and the work culture I received!”   

Optimized End-to-end Adaptive Streaming of Volumetric Media

Ariel’s work was dedicated to helping to optimize an end-to-end system for adaptive streaming of volumetric media, such as point clouds coded using the volumetric visual video-based coding (V3C) standard or immersive 360 videos with three degrees-of-freedom, using dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH). Ariel’s responsibilities included developing scripts, packaging the encoded media in standards-based containers, like ISO/IEC 23090-10, and implementing a dynamic rate adaptation module that could be utilized by streaming clients to optimize the quality of the rendered content at any given point, according to the available network conditions and client type. Throughout the project of developing the streaming client, Ariel was exposed to a variety of network protocols such as HTTP, HTTP/2 and QUIC.

Ariel Glasroth: “My time at InterDigital on the technical side of things had me work all around the processing pipeline of V-PCC video – starting by adding a newer revision of bitstream support to a packager and extractor, moving to updating a streamer to integrate vertically as a DLL – with HTTP, HTTP/2, and QUIC – to plug into a AR Unity demo which was extended for improved background process, UI and decoder logic to account for demoing streams of these V-PCC 3D videos. Although my job was technical by design, I also learned more than just technical skills from the other amazing interns and welcoming employees of InterDigital. From moving to a new province alone and knowing no one- I now have been shown around a new city, taught about the expansive differences between Canada and other foreign countries, and I was shown some of the most unique foods I had ever tasted. Truly a positive yet unique experience.”

A Framework for Real-time Delivery of V3C Point Clouds

During his internship, Adhavan helped to implement a framework for real-time delivery of volumetric point clouds for real-time communication applications. With a project based on the latest industry standards and that leverages well-known open-source frameworks for delivering media processing pipelines, like Gstreamer, Adhavan was exposed to a variety of network protocols such as the real-time transport protocol (RTP), the session description protocol (SDP), and Web Real-time Communication (WebRTC). Adhavan also learned how to perform signalling between the communicating endpoints and package the compressed point cloud content in network packets for delivery.                            

Adhavan Thirumurthy: “Working at InterDigital has been an exciting and informative experience. I have learned a lot about video codecs, containers and different networking protocols used for real-time streaming. I had excellent mentorship to help guide me through the hurdles faced while working on my project and to assist me while climbing the initial technical learning curves. Beyond work, I had a fantastic time living in Montreal and hanging out with my coworkers and newfound friends. My time here has been memorable, and I would love to return!”

Prototyping 3GPP Edge Evolution on the AdvantEDGE platform

During her 8-month internship with the Future Wireless North America (FWNA) team, Dhruvi, a Masters student from the University of Ottawa, has contributed to integrating 3GPP’s standardized Release-17 APIs within InterDigital’s AdvantEDGE, a testbed used to conduct prototyping efforts on Edge in 3GPP networks. As a result of Dhruvi’s work, the team was able to identify multiple issues with the Release-17 APIs, which were then contributed upstream towards CT1 Stage-3 Edge specifications. Dhruvi also worked alongside her teammates to define and extend AdvantEDGE’s prototyping capabilities to experiment with new edge computing use cases, because demonstrating and validating new ideas helps technology development and the contribution of technology to future 3GPP releases. A portion of Dhruvi’s work will be showcased at the Brooklyn 6G Summit in October.

Dhruvi Goyal: “Working at InterDigital has been nothing but a great learning experience for me. As an intern I have been given great opportunities to learn and work on technology that contributes to improving 3GPP standards. I developed new software development skills and got to work on some exciting tech stack. I had wonderful mentors who always guided me and pushed me towards improvement. Here at InterDigital I made some good friends and I love spending time with them, be it over lunch, a game of foosball or after work. I am looking forward to next term of my internship and the opportunities to come.”

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