Introducing Premium

Introducing Premium

Introducing Premium

November 4, 2015 / Posted By: wotio team

We're pleased to announce's new premium plans will boost productivity with new pods and actions, finer control over scheduling, generous bandwidth and priority support for your integrations. is a free hosted platform for the open source server. If you're running your own server, you can continue to mount your servers into the hosted platform on the Free plan as you've always done.

As a special thanks to's supporters for contributing to our success, customers already using premium features have been automatically upgraded to the Basic plan, free of charge. The next time you log into, all features for this plan will be automatically unlocked.

In addition to the original Free and Enterprise licensing plans, 3 upgrade levels have been added for those who want to go the extra step, to power users, to pro's!

plans and pricing.

Premium Pods

You'll notice that some pods in have been marked as premium, requiring an upgrade.

Upgrading to any premium plan will automatically unlock all premium Pods, which will be instantly available. Premium users will automatically acquire new Pods as they become available.

Here's the full list as it stands today

Community Pods

Community Pods are the staple integrations you might already know and love.


Event triggers on the free plan have always run every 15 minutes, except when they are manually initiated. On a premium plan, you can now schedule triggers to run at any time or timezone, as frequently as every 5 minutes.


Wow, your bips are busy!! We've taken the average real bandwidth that bips use in each plan monthly and doubled it. If you start regularly exceeding the monthly bandwidth for your plan - Great Job! We'll reach out to you with assistance upgrading.

Thank you!

Like any migration from a historically free platform to one that starts to charge for usage, there's bound to be a lot of concerns and questions. Reach us at with whatever is on your mind.