IoT and Data Analytics Handbook Features InterDigital Case Study

March 14, 2017 / IoT / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

Wiley, a global leader in scholarly journals, recently published Internet of Things and Data Analytics Handbook featuring a practical case study written by InterDigital engineers along with our partners at ARUP.  

The IoT and Data Analytics Handbook describes essential technical knowledge, building blocks, processes, design principles, implementation, and marketing for IoT projects. The handbook opens with an overview and anatomy of IoT, ecosystem of IoT, communication protocols, networking, and available hardware, both present and future applications and transformations, and business models. It also addresses big data analytics, machine learning, cloud computing, and consideration of sustainability that are essential to be both socially responsible and successful. Design and implementation processes are illustrated with best practices and case studies in action.  

The book, edited by Hwaiyu Geng, is comprised of works written by subject matter experts, including 74 international experts from nine countries around the world in the consumer and enterprise fields of IoT. InterDigital’s Alan Carlton, Rafael Cepeda and Vanja Subotic along with ARUP’s Tim Gammons are among the international expert contributors for their work on the chapter, “Defragmenting Intelligent Transportation: A Practical Case Study.”  

The chapter focuses on the transport industry and a solution to today’s transportation fragmentation, the oneTRANSPORT® data marketplace initiative.  The oneTRANSPORT initiative is an Innovate UK supported project in the area of “Integrated Transport: In-Field Solutions.” The project addresses both immediate and anticipated future challenges facing the transport industry (e.g. congestion, shrinking Local Authority budgets, end of subsidies, and the like).  The oneTRANSPORT initiative involves eleven cross-sector partners including five Transport Authorities (data owners and use case providers), a technology platform provider (InterDigital), a transport industry specialist, and four transport sensor/device manufacturers & transport analytics providers. To learn more about the oneTRANSPORT initiative, please click here.  

For more information on the book, please click here.