IoT: Ten Ways to See the Future

July 10, 2015 / IoT, oneM2M, / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a major topic of conversation in the tech world right now, and InterDigital is involved in a big way – whether it’s our oneMPOWER platform, our commerical initiative, or the efforts of our various teams to partner with industry development efforts, standards bodies and external innovation. InterDigital’s Serhad Doken, Vice President, Innovation Partners, took a moment to reflect on the future of IoT, and the role of software in driving it, in an article featured on Wireless Week today.  

According to Serhad, IoT is not about connecting things or producing data…it’s about what happens next. In the article, he breaks down what he believes the IoT big picture will eventually hold into ten key points. Serhad addresses how the IoT will alter enterprise, transition business models, and amplify the importance of multi-modal User Interface and User Experience. He closes the article with what he refers to as “the crown jewel potential and real promise of IoT” – rapid new service creation. Serhad explains that full IoT solutions will allow for a simplification that enables any user to design and add new services without needing (or even wanting) to fully understanding the mechanics.

As a pioneer in mobile technology, InterDigital is actively taking on challenges in IoT. Most recently, the company demonstrated the latest capabilities of its oneMPOWER platform solution at Internet of Things World San Francisco in May 2015. InterDigital's oneMPOWER platform provides M2M/IoT application enabling services that include connectivity, device, data, and transaction management resulting in faster time-to-market, scalable application development and lower operation costs.  

Check out Serhad’s full article here or to learn more about IoT, visit the vault.