Mobile Europe Talks Groundbreaking 5G European Commission Socioeconomic Study

June 11, 2015 / 5G / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

The fifth generation wireless standard – 5G – is anticipated to be the most critical advancement in digital society and Europe has taken significant steps to lead that development globally. Yesterday, Mobile Europe released an article that features new European research initiatives related to the development and roll out of 5G – and InterDigital Europe was highlighted as a contributor.

The article discusses the groundbreaking European Commission (EC) 5G study commissioned by Brussels that will explore the socioeconomic impact of 5G technology and potential use cases in various areas such as health, transport, social services and more. InterDigital Europe, InterDigital’s London-based 5G-focused research unit, in partnership with other 5G experts that include Real Wireless, Tech4i2 and Trinity College, Dublin will conduct this study over the next year. The insights that will be gained from this research project will be crucial to the securement of Europe as a global 5G leader.

Simon Saunders, Director of Technology, Real Wireless, who serves as a project director for the EU research project, discussed the study’s perspective with Mobile Europe. Mr. Saunders stated that “the consortium [Tech4i2, InterDigital Europe, Trinity College Dublin and Real Wireless] we have assembled to work on this project offers a uniquely informed yet independent perspective on these issues.”

As a pioneer in mobile technology, InterDigital has been at the forefront of wireless innovation in 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and LTE-A, and now 5G. In addition to its role in the EC study, InterDigital is involved in three Horizon 2020 projects that are underway – XHAUL, POINT (iP Over IcN the betTer IP), and RIFE (aRchitecture for an Internet For Everybody). The company’s involvement underscores its commitment to fostering collaboration in the European segment and making strong contributions to the development of 5G networks.

To read the full article, please click here or learn more about InterDigital’s role in 5G at the vault.