Mobile Operators Expectations for 5G Networks and Services Revealed

October 14, 2015 / 5G, TIA / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

The fifth generation wireless standard is expected to underpin new technology deployments as well as future technologies that at this time can only be imagined. A recent survey completed by TIA and sponsored by InterDigital reveals mobile operators views on 5G development and deployment.

TIA 5G Operator Survey 2015,” discloses that most mobile operators believe 5G will require a significantly different system architecture from today’s cellular network and that 5G will have multiple radio interfaces. It also shows that a dominant majority of mobile operators expect Asia to lead the development and deployment of 5G, ahead of North America and Europe.

On September 28, TIA NOW, TIA’s online video network, hosted a live video panel with industry leaders and experts to discuss the findings from the TIA 5G Operator Survey. Abe Nejad, Anchor and Head of Editorial Content, TIA NOW, moderated a dynamic discussion that included panelists Gabriel Brown, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading and author of the 5G Operator Survey and White Paper; Shawn Covell, VP of International 5G Advocacy at Intel; Dr. Michael Peeters, Chief Technology Officer of the Wireless Business Line at Alcatel-Lucent; Dr. Jeff Reed, Professor at Virginia Tech; and B.K. Yi, Chief Technology Officer at InterDigital.

“5G should be a transformational technology, impact other industries and ultimately society…within the survey response, it is interesting that operators aspire to all those things, but are being quite pragmatic about achieving those things,” stated Gabriel when asked about the operators’ responses to the TIA survey.

To learn the other industry leaders’ takes on the 5G Operator Survey findings, click below to watch the full video panel: