Moving Toward True M2M - The Need for a Common Platform

July 7, 2014 / Internet of Things, IoT, M2M, oneM2M / Posted By: Stephanie Stocker

In their June issue, IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine published “Toward a Standardized Common M2M Service Layer Platform: Introduction to OneM2M”, a paper written by a team of industry experts which included Guang Lu, an InterDigital staff engineer. This article addresses a major M2M challenge – the fragmentation created by multiple proprietary solutions that do not communicate with one another.

This challenge is being met by the oneM2M Global Initiative, an international partnership project. The oneM2M standardization solution was initiated by seven major telecom standards defining organizations with the objective of reducing fragmentation of M2M service layer standards through global specifications, paving the way for M2M interoperability across industry verticals. Standards that allow for a common platform and a common set of APIs will ultimately shorten time to market, aiding a faster realization of a true M2M ecosystem.

This paper delves into the various working groups of oneM2M and the standardization efforts being undertaken by each. For even more information on M2M and the future of the IoT, please visit the InterDigital Vault.