MWC19 InterDigital Booth Demonstrations

MWC19 InterDigital Booth Demonstrations

MWC19 InterDigital Booth Demonstrations

January 24, 2019 / MWC19 / Posted By: The InterDigital Communications Team

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Stop by Hall 7, Booth 7C61 any time to meet with our world-class engineers, engage with our demos, and see what's activating the next generation of wireless and video experiences. We'll be showcasing ground-breaking demonstrations, including Edge Computing (5G-CORAL and AdvantEDGE), 5G Testbeds (Network and Radio), 5G Standards and Beyond, and Immersive Video and Video Standards.

5G Edge – Autonomous Drones on AdvantEDGE  

This demonstration highlights the benefits of Edge Computing combined with 5G Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) – to realize a Mission Critical Automation application vertical.  See how drones operate and interact autonomously in a dense urban environment, navigating obstructed views due to buildings by reporting telemetry and sensor information to an Edge-enabled Collaborative Collision Detection and Avoidance (DAA) service, deployed at the “extreme edge” of the network (e.g. point of access sites).   Learn how InterDigital realized this application and others utilizing our AdvantEDGE platform, an agile mobile edge emulation environment. 

5G-CORAL -- Virtual Reality Video Streaming

This demonstration highlights the benefits of micro-services based distributed computing at the extreme edge of the 5G network. Visitors will experience E2E 360 video streaming deployed cost-efficiently across three tiers of computing nodes (low, medium and high end) all under unified orchestration and control.  The demo features two 360-degree cameras, each capturing a separate event happening in a different area of the booth, and users can view video streaming from either camera location, using a smart phone or oculus rift goggles while consuming only a fraction of the bandwidth.          

5G Core Network Testbeds

See how InterDigital’s Service-based Architecture (SBA) platform is currently being deployed and evaluated in Bristol and Barcelona in multi-partner initiatives such as the Horizon2020 FLAME and the UK-funded Smart Tourism projects.  The demo will show performance benefits across the network through Layer 2 multicast, as well as the terminal.  These benefits include increasing the flexibility of network-wide service deployments as mobile applications install and facilitate dynamic mobile function offloading, which improves usability and user experience beyond current smartphone-centric applications.

5G Radio Access Testbeds

Learn how mmWave is a continuing part of the 5G evolution, from testbeds to new standards initiatives. Take a remote look at live demonstrations from our labs in New York, which showcase our 28GHz NR development platform with beam management between UE and gNB.  Get a firsthand view of our available research platforms including 60GHz Edgelink™, a NR Modem Processing Unit, and a 28GHz phased array Mast Head Unit.

360° Video Experience with Adaptive Streaming

This Joint demo of InterDigital Inc. and Technicolor Research & Innovation will showcase 360° video streaming from 13 pre-recorded camera views, each with 2kx2k color and depth, stored in HEVC video format in an MPEG-DASH server. Based on viewer position and orientation, seven camera views are adaptively streamed to the DASH client.  Video streaming segments are decoded, views are synthesized and rendered to display in real time at 30fps.  See how a Head Tracker tracks a human face, observe motion parallax, and use a joystick to track 360° video views.

Beyond 5G Standards Evolution

Learn about what’s happening in 5G Standards, and what's coming next for Beyond 5G technology.

Volumetric Photobooth

Volumetric content is the future generation of video that is generated by a set of multiple cameras, a Light Field Acquisition system.  Technicolor Research and Innovation will demonstrate image acquisition with a multi camera set-up, calculating a volumetric portrait that will be rendered on any smartphone for an immersive view experience. See how a volumetric video can lead to an immersive and interactive experience on a simple 2D screen, sensing depth and parallax, like watching a scene through a real window.

oneTRANSPORT® Data Marketplace

Data Exchanges and marketplaces are critical in collaboration and the creation of new Smart City services. This demo will showcase Chordant’s oneTRANSPORT Data Marketplace commercial service. We will demonstrate features, such as signing up for the service, uploading and downloading real-time and historical data, setting up licensing and monetary terms, open and selective sharing of data, visualization of data, and the creation of consumption and billing reports. One of the newest elements we will show is the consumption and sale of premium data from a large company that specializes in connected car services and transportation.

Smart City, a System of Systems

Smart Cities are complex ecosystems encompassing many players, subsystems, verticals, devices, types of connectivity, and services. Interoperability is key to tying everything together into a perfect System of Systems.  The Chordant platform, based on the oneM2M standard, is one such enabler of interoperability. This demo will showcase the use of Chordant’s platform in a smart city supply chain scenario. The demo will feature tracking of items at farms, in transit, at warehouses, refrigeration units, grocery stores, and restaurants in a manner that enables improved efficiency and quality assurance. Different types of devices, services and forms of connectivity will be featured, including Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and LPWA networks such as LoRA and NB-IoT.