New White Paper Features Standardized M2M Software Development Platform

October 25, 2012 / Posted By: indekeu

In conjunction with the 3rd TC M2M Workshop - hosted by ETSI in Mandelieu, France, October 24-25 - InterDigital published a white paper on its Standardized Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Software Development Platform.  The technical paper highlights how the company's standardized service layer and APIs create a common framework and roadmap for cellular operators, service providers and device manufacturers to capture the full potential of their M2M businesses.

Thanks to advances in wireless communications, embedded systems, and IP networking, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications provide a huge opportunity for growth in M2M Service Applications. Future M2M Solutions are envisioned to connect billions of existing and new devices, ranging from high-end smart mobile terminals to low-cost resource-constrained wireless sensors or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. M2M technologies can be beneficially applied to a broad range of use cases for smart grid, telematics, eHealth/mHealth, vehicular networking and systems, industry control, home automation, and environmental monitoring.

Current M2M markets, however, are highly fragmented. Various vertical M2M solutions have been designed independently and separately for different applications, which inevitably impacts or even impedes large-scale M2M deployment. Today’s deployments also pose additional technical challenges in managing large amounts of disparate M2M devices, security guarantee, and service discovery.

Read how InterDigital's Standardized M2M technologies power the multi-vendor machine-to-machine

demonstrations and interoperability testing at ETSI's 3rd TC M2M Workshop.