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June 24, 2016 / IoT / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

Many people have been making fantastic claims about things like IoT and driverless vehicles, that may in the end turn out to be true, but where is the first clear ROI case going to be made that stimulates adoption? InterDigital’s Jim Nolan, Executive Vice President of IoT Solutions, poses this question in his latest article featured on yesterday.  

In the article, Jim tackles the answer to his question in the case of driverless vehicles and makes an argument for driverless trucking as a clear ROI trigger for IoT adoption. He details the inefficiency/source of lost revenue in trucking, the technology being proposed to address the inefficiencies and the compelling ROI that could be delivered. To illustrate the current progress in driverless trucking, Jim provides numerous examples including the formation of a new company, Otto, which recently formed with the goal of turning legacy commercial trucks into self-driving trucks by retrofitting hardware kits to existing truck models. Click here to read the full “Driverless Trucks: ROI Trigggers in IoT Adoption.”  

This article is the second featured within Talking Things, Jim’s new blog on Talking Things will explore the role of global standards, impact on diverse verticals, and the key technologies and techniques associated with the realization of the IoT. Check out other entries from Jim here.