features Dr. Yan Ye on latest HEVC extension features Dr. Yan Ye on latest HEVC extension features Dr. Yan Ye on latest HEVC extension

June 1, 2016 / video, HEVC, SCC, standards / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

The amount and variety of content in video is constantly changing. The continuous evolution creates a need for continued compression and standards evolution. Recently, engineers have developed a new extension to HEVC called Screen Content Coding. InterDigital’s Dr. Yan Ye, Director of Engineering, discusses this new extension in a recent article published on

Screen Content Coding (SCC) extension to HEVC is designed for the new variety of screen-captured content beyond the conventional camera-captured content. The new variety refers to captures from video games and tutorials, which feature animation, text and graphics along with camera-generated video. In the article, Yan describes how SCC further improves coding efficiency for this type of screen-captured content in two main areas – compression efficiency and flexibility.  

She also explains the compelling results of the standards project, which wrapped up in February of this year after nearly two years of development. Ultimately, SCC will enable a better video experience for any video products that need to efficiently deliver a large amount of screen-captured video content.  

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