Successful Mobile Edge Computing 5G Network Architecture Trial - An Exciting News Update

August 31, 2017 / 5g, mobile edge computing / Posted By: rachel.rorke

A few weeks ago, InterDigital shared its partnership on a live 5G trial with CVTC Ltd. and Bristol is Open.  Since the conclusion of the event, InterDigital has seen major achievements in the 5G space as a result of the trial.

The real-world joint trial, hosted in Bristol, UK, used a scavenger hunt game developed by InterDigital Europe and CVTC Ltd. as part of a European-funded project called POINT; this month, the team completed the world’s first trial of mobile edge computing (MEC) based on new IP networking technology expected to form part of the 5G network architecture, a major advancement in 5G research.

Specifically, the trial showcases InterDigital’s Flexible-IP services (FLIPS) technology, which improves on experienced latency for such MEC services while reducing the overall network utilization when accessing such services.  Within the trial, participants experienced video latency reductions from several tens of milliseconds and video distribution that was six times more efficient than standard IP technology.

This successful trial quickly garnered excellent media coverage.  Check out some of the industry features in the links below!