Video: The delivery model must be rethought

March 28, 2016 / 5G, video, RCR, NGN / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

“The coming of “5G” will resolve a variety of network issues, but in video it will only make the situation worse,” stated InterDigital’s Dirk Trossen in the first article of his two-part series on video delivery featured in RCR Wireless News’ Reader Forum today.

In the article, Dirk discusses how video is a source of pain for cable companies and mobile operators due to the use of a technology, and delivery via a network architecture, that was designed with general data in mind. He warns that while 5G will resolve some network issues, it is not the solution for video. Dirk explains that the demands of the future will require more than just a turbocharge of the current approach – it will require a whole new approach. Keep reading here. And stay tuned for a follow-up from Dirk that covers finding a better way.

At InterDigital, Dirk is responsible for driving the development of systems and solutions that improve the overall end user experience, with a focus on mobile network architecture. And he was recently recognized among the top 50 industrial IoT and 5G industrialists and innovators by RCR Wireless for his leadership in multiple European 5G projects.

For more information on the European 5G projects, click here. Or to read Dirk’s full article, please click here.  Plus, check back for a a link to his follow-up article that explores a better way to connect video demand and network resources.