Wi-Fi NOW Latest Episode Features InterDigital’s Juan Carlos Zuniga on Wi-Fi Privacy

September 25, 2015 / MAC, Wi-Fi, IEEE / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

Wi-Fi privacy refers to being able to safely use your Wi-Fi device without someone tracking you. IEEE 802 Privacy Executive Committee (EC) Study Group has suggested an amendment to the Wi-Fi standard in order to continue to ensure such privacy. Recently, InterDigital Principal Engineer and IEEE 802 EC Study Group chair, Juan Carlos Zuniga, discussed the suggestion with Claus Hetting in Wi-Fi Now Episode 8.

In the interview, Juan Carlos explains to Claus how Wi-Fi privacy has become a concern and why the IEEE Study group proposed the solution to update the Wi-Fi protocol to use randomly generated MAC addresses to increase security and privacy. He also elaborates on possible implications with the proposed solution and estimates when the standard could be approved and commercialized.

In addition to Wi-Fi privacy, episode 8 featured another recent Wi-Fi hot topic – Wi-Fi calling to carriers. Claus interviewed SpectrumMAX’s Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Amir Rajwany, on the current challenges and status of Wi-Fi calling. To learn more on both topics, watch the full episode below: