WiFi360 Cites Machina Research on Open Standards Role in Growth of IoT

June 13, 2016 / IoT, Wi-Fi, SmartCities / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

Last month, InterDigital released an insightful report by Machina Research that revealed open standards in IoT deployments could accelerate growth in smart cities by 27% and reduce deployment costs by 30%. Analyst and Managing Director of WiFi360, Adlane Fellah, recently cited this statistic and more in an excellent article in which he explores the growth of the IoT.  

The growth of the IoT as it relates to smart cities can take one of two directions – the current fragmented path or a more efficient and beneficial standardized path, states Adlane in the article. He details why standardization is so important for smart cities and lists a number of drivers for adoption of standards in IoT for smart cities. For example, standards consolidate and shape the market for third-party developers by ensuring that there is a sustainable market for their activities. In close, Adlane explains why the IoT in smart cities cannot be accomplished without carrier-grade Wi-Fi deployed throughout the city.

Read the full WiFi360 article here or to download the full Machina Research report, click here.