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MWC16: Telepresence via EdgeHaul
Presentation / Mar 2016 / MWC16, 5G, Virtual Reality

High speed and low latency are expected to be cornerstone 5G requirements, particularly for the delivery of virtual reality and augmented reality. Learn how InterDigital used its EdgeHaulTM millimeter-wave mesh backhaul technology to deliver a live, functioning virtual reality telepresence use case at Mobile World Congress 2016.

? 2016 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. EdgeHaul? Live Over-the-Air Telepresence Demonstration 1 ? EdgeHaul? - Millimeter Wave 5G Wireless Transport A solution now for wireless gigabit connectivity ? Small Cell mmWave Mesh Backhaul ? Residential Broadband Access ? Carrier Wi-Fi Cable extension ? 2016 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. A platform for future 5G wireless transport ? Low latency, multi-gigabit dense networking ? Flexible configurations that support end-to-end network slicing and multi-tenant support ? Software Defined Networking via open source frameworks 2 EdgeHaul? - Millimeter Wave 5G Wireless Transport FIRST TO DEMONSTRATE WIGIG?-BASED MILLIMETER WAVE MESH BACKHAUL - MWC 2015 ? Low-cost, high capacity, scalable platform for today?s small cell backhaul and 5G mmWave access ? Leverage high volume WiGig baseband ? 60GHz Phased Array with electronic beam steering reduces installation cost and provides interference management ? High throughput over range suitable for urban small cell ? 2016 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.5 InterDigital?s Cloud-Based Software Platform OpenFlow Mesh Controller WiGig Baseband Phased Array RF WiGig Baseband Phased Array RF . . . Software Hardware INTERDIGITAL MESH LAYER SOFTWARE 4? 2016 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 4 ? Directional Scanning ? Association Message ? Centralized Mesh Configuration & Routing Table Updates ? Active Data Paths L2/L3 OPERATOR CORE G 5 2 1 34 6 7 MESH CONTROLLER Mesh Network Self-Configuration Simple self-configuration reduces installation costs 7 5G Example Service: Telepresence / Virtual Reality High-Bandwidth, Low-Latency, High-Reliability ? 2016 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Telepresence Virtual Reality Provides the appearance of being present at a separate place than a person?s true location. Replicates an environment that simulates a physical presence (in the real world or an imagined world), allowing a person to interact in that world. Immersive multimedia experience ? sight, sound, touch, etc. 5G Service Requirements: High-Bandwidth (immersive video), Ultra Low-Latency (real-time control), Ultra High-Reliability Use cases: Connected communities, conferencing, hazardous environments, remote surgery, education / training, gaming, etc. 6 6? 2016 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.6 MWC2016 EdgeHaul? Live Over-the-air Mesh Demo with Telepresence Application ? WiGig based Millimeter Wave Backhaul pre-production model ? InterDigital Mesh Software built on SDN framework ? Centralized controller with Element Management System ? Telepresence application demonstrates low latency high throughput capability Server controlled GoPro Camera Sony Personal HD Viewer with Headtracking Element Management System EdgeHaul Node 2 EdgeHaul Node 1 EdgeHaul Node 3 Sony Display Adaptor