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MWC17: 5G Crosshaul
Presentation / Mar 2017 / IDmwc17, 5g

InterDigital's Mobile World Congress 2017 presentation on 5G Crosshaul.

? 2016 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1 Crosshaul Technology: EdgeLink? mmW Transport ? EdgeLink? ? mmW 5G Crosshaul Transport ? 2017 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.2 SDN-based Multi-hop Mesh Network composed of Gigabit, Low-Latency Millimeter Wave Links ? WiGig / 802.11ad baseband ? 60GHz long range, high-gain antennas ? Multi-tenant, multi-service level transport slice management ? Mesh topology for fault tolerance and availability EdgeLink? Nodes: ? Network discovery and neighbor selection ? OpenFlow-based, mmW MAC/PHY/RF Mesh Controller Software: ? SDN-based, manages the mesh topology to maintain Transport slice service level requirements O&M Software ? Cloud-enabled, web- interface for remote operations and monitoring InterDigital?s Cloud-Based Software Platform OpenFlow Mesh Controller WiGig Baseband RF WiGig Baseband RF . . . Software Hardware INTERDIGITAL MESH LAYER SOFTWARE Antenna Unit Network Unit Control Plane EdgeLink? Mesh SDN Controller EdgeLink? EMS Live EdgeLink ? Network matches 5G Berlin ? Crosshaul Testbed ? 2017 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3 EdgeLink? Transport Network ? Live Demo EdgeLink? Wireless mmW Crosshaul Transport Core Network Cloud RAN Baseband Processing Unit Open EPC MME S-GW, PGW 3D Video Goggles Backhaul ? eNodeB Emulation Remote Radio Unit (Next Generation Fronthaul) HD, 3D Camera Views from the 5G Berlin Testbed 3 EdgeLink mmW Nodes ? across the HHI and Berlin Technical University campuses ? 2016 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.4 185 meters 140 meters 95 meters Indoor Lab Deployment Outdoor Antenna Installation Live Remote Surgery Game ? Enabled via EdgeLink? ? 2017 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5 Example 5G Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Use-Case: ? Virtual/real-world interaction ? Low-latency within human perception tolerances ? High throughput ? Live HD / 3D video ? Mission critical / ultra-high availability Entertaining ?Game of Remote Surgery?: ? Two players need to complete a set of a ?surgical tasks? ? One player with a 5G connection and a second player with a 4G connection EdgeLink? Crosshaul Capability : ? Simultaneous cloud RAN fronthaul (Next Generation FH) and backhaul transport traffic 5G: Application End-to-End Latency Requirements ? 2017 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 6 100 nsec 1?sec 10?sec 100?sec 1msec 10 msec 100 msec 1 sec 10 sec Digital Human Response Tolerance Annoying Indoor Geolocation High Speed Trading Web Vehicle Motion Control (autonomous cars / drones) Haptic Tele-surgery Human Robotic Control Webcam Internal Latency Streaming VR 3D Tele-Rehabilitation Connected Collaboration Skype 5G 4G Today? s 4G Cloud-RAN Mobile Transport Network CPRI transports IQ data via point-to-point optical links in a fronthaul (FH) network. Pain points ? Bandwidth usage is independent of user?s load ? Highly inefficient ? No path diversity ? Low fault tolerance ? Separated transport management (FH - BH) ? Complexity and cost ? Cloud-RAN Functional split ? Fixed and Static 5G-Crosshaul: 5G Mobile Transport Network 5G Cloud-RAN will be transformed to a packet-based network. FH and BH will converge to an integrated transport network (Crosshaul): ? BW usage dependent on user?s load ? Higher efficiency ? Enables path diversity ? Packet-based Routing? Higher fault tolerance and load balancing ? Unified management platform (FH + BH)? Lower management complexity and cost ? Cloud-RAN Functional split and placement? ? Variable ? Support of different functional splits ? Dynamic ? NFV-based 5G networks Crosshaul for the 5G Transport Network 7 Processing cloud CoreBackhaul (BH)Fronthaul (FH) CPRI CPRI CPRI Point-to-point network Processing cloud 5G-Crosshaul: Integrated FH/BH Packet-based network Core Partners (21) Project Duration Jul 2015 ? Dec 2017 EU Funding 7.95M Euros Project Traction Final design and experimentation underway The 5G Integrated Fronthaul/Backhaul Transport Network Definition External Networks Edge Transport High Capacity, Low Latency, Wired and Wireless, Diverse Integrated Traffic Internet of Everything Small CellRRU Local Data Center User Plane vBBU Edge Computing Content Caching Core Transport Optical Transport Networks Long-Haul Core Network Control Plane NFV Billing Orchestration ? 2017 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.9 Transport Network Evolution ? 2017 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.10 ? Voice and limited data ? Up to 2 Mbps cell capacity ? Mobile broadband ? 100 Mbps cell capacity ?Packetized? All-IP ?Flexible? Advanced-IP ? Connected everything ? 10+ Gbps cell capacity ? Diverse traffic profiles 2G/3G 4G LTE 5G Connection- Oriented Transport innovation is driven by a combination of service and architecture requirements ? Macro based ? Dedicated wired & P2P wireless ? Hierarchical with small cell Layer being added ? Dense heterogeneous networks ? Virtual / Cloud-RAN