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MWC18: 5G Air Interface
Presentation / Feb 2018 / MWC18, 5G

The millimeter wave (mmWave) air interface is one of the key new technologies being introduced into 3GPP’s 5G NR standard. This MWC18 presentation shows InterDigital's contribution to the Open Air Interface Alliance, fundamental concepts enabling mmWave 5G integration with the existing LTE standard in non-standalone mode.

© 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.© 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5G Air Interface Enhanced Mobile Broadband with Millimeter Wave Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) A Founda)on for 5G Performance © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.2 Source: 5G millimeter wave air interface technology addresses eMBB KPIs Enhanced Mobile Broadband Peak data rate User experienced data rate Area traffic capacity Spectrum efficiency Network energy efficiency Mobility Connec)on density Latency Massive Machine Type Communica)on Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communica)on 5G Non-Standalone Architecture 3 mmW – LTE integration is a foundation for initial deployments 3GPP Non-standalone (NSA) “LTE Assisted” Option 3A 3GPP Release 15 3GPP Standalone (SA) OpBon 2 3GPP Release 15 (June 2018) 3GPP NAS/ “LTE Assisted” OpBon 3A EPC eNB gNB NGC gNB NG-UNG-C S1-C S1-U © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved. x 5G Air Interface Millimeter Wave (mmW) and LTE Demo Featured Technologies • mmW integration with LTE in non-standalone mode • mmW indoor mobility • mmW beam management • Beam acquisition and beam pairing • Beam switching to support low mobility terminals • Beam pairing in both the downlink and uplink • Sub-6 GHZ LTE data and control plane overlay • mmW data plane fallback to LTE data plane User experience • Video streaming application which showcases dual RAT data plane mmW and LTE • 4K video over mmW link vs. low-resolution video over LTE © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.4 mmW BS eNBBeam switching LTE Link UE Agent Data and Control Plane Architecture © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.5 LTE data plane switch handled by UE agent and BS agents LTE control plane carries mmW measurements to access manager DASH video server will send a low resoluAon video stream over the LTE link in order to show a noAceable change in video resoluAon Media Server Ethernet EPC BS SWITCH L2 Ethernet Data flow over LTE Data flow over mmW Data flow over Ethernet LTE-UE UE Switch L2 LTE Link mmW BS eNB Legend mmW UE mmW Link Note: Only one flow is acAve at a Ame (i.e. either over LTE or mmW link) User Host Media Server Ethernet EPC Ethernet Access Mgr/UE/BS Agent LTE Control Plane Overlay mmW BS Control Path LTE-UE UE Switch L2 LTE Link mmW BS eNB Legend mmW UE mmW Link User Host Access Manager BS Agent BS SWITCH L2 Open Air Interface Alliance LTE and mmW 5G NR InterDigital is an Associate member of the Open Air Interface Alliance developing software defined PHY/MAC functionality for 5G NR © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.6 LTE virtual core network and eNB funcKons are integrated with mmW in the demo eNB Computer EPC Computer hss mme spgw Ite-softmodemUSRP CLOUD OAI SoPware App Hardware USB3 Ethernet EthernetLTE 60GHz PAA Module © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.7 RX/TX Antennas are planar arrays of 4x8 elements each• Transceiver ICs (PRS1126) are placed between TX and RX antennas• Beam steering is performed in the horizontal plane by varying • steering angle θS Key Radio Specs Radio Arch. RF Band Ref Clock Mode Duplex Spacing CH BW PLL Phase Noise: Rx Conv. Gain EVM AGC Range PAA with 8x PRS1126, driving 8x [4x1] patch antennas 57GHz to 64GHz (centered at 802.11ad channels) 45MHz (TCXO) Primary mode - TDD (each TRX in either Tx or Rx mode only) (OpMonal) Secondary mode – FDD [1-4] TX & [1-4] RX (with Tx CH ≠ Rx CH) 2 to 4GHz (adjacent or alternate channel) up to 250MHz (or 500MHz RF) due to sampling rate limita[ons, i.e., usage limited to a frac[on of available 802.11ad CH <7 degrees RMS >70dB -21dB 65dB (as per PRS1126 spec) mmW BS/Terminal Pla/orm © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.8 mmW access BS or terminal• Pla2orm supports 2 PAA modules, each • with 8 radios 1 PAA module per terminal • Pla2orm supports 16 complex digital • streams, 8 for each PAA Each digital stream can operate at a • maximum sampling rate of 500MHz RF BW 400MHz• QPSK, 16QAM• User data rate @16QAM, 270Mbps • HTG-830 FPGA Board Converter Board PAA 1 JESD Core ... JESD Core ... (x16) (x16) Modem Subsystem PAA 2 FM C Conn 1 FM C Conn 2 PAA Conn 1 PAA Conn 2 PAA Conn 1 PAA Conn 2 Expansion Header x4 ADCs x4 DACs (x4) (x4) Le ve l T ra ns la to rs x4 ADCs x4 DACs (x4) (x4) Le ve l T ra ns la to rs LEDs OSC TPs Temp REF Clock Distribu^on HS Clock Distribu^on Peraso (x4) Peraso (x4) Peraso (x4) Peraso (x4) Cntl Data +12 Pwr Conn +12 Pwr Conn +12V Power Supply TX Ant RX Ant TX Ant RX Ant (x8) (x8) (x8) (x8) A Pla&orm for System Analysis and Research Ini$al Access (IA)• IA latency increases with increasing array size• Beam management protocols addressed in 3GPP • NR to reduce overhead, power and latency Digital beamforming can further reduce latency • over analog © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.9 These results are a result of a research collabora$on between InterDigital and University of Padua/Consorzio Futuro in Ricerca. Ref.: M. Giordani, M. Polese, A. Roy, D. Castor and M. Zorzi “Beam Management Frameworks for 3GPP New Radio at mmWave Frequencies,” NSF mmW RCN, Jan. 2018. Radio Link Failure (RLF) • mmW connec$on may result in more frequent RLF due to • severe non-line-of-sight losses RLF detec$on performance is superior in a Non• -Standalone architecture (LTE-Overlay) as compared to Stand-Alone (SA) Digital beamforming can improve RLF reac$veness• Digital beamforming is a promising further improvement for future mmW architectures mmW Beamforming User Interface Average and con,nuous throughput • measurements Display beam selec,on pairing • between mmW BS and mmW terminal as a func,on of posi,on on track LTE status monitor• User control of a motorized • track-slow down, speed up, reverse Received SNR measurements from • each of 8 beams © 2018 InterDigital, Inc. All Rights Reserved.10